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Newborn girl Lillian | Monroe Michigan newborn photographer

For the first time in a little over 3 years of photographing babies, I had to reschedule due to being ill. This put little Lillian at just over the ideal two week newborn age (she was about 2.5 weeks) 

Well, despite all the cool baby whispering tricks I have stored up in the studio, sometimes a newborn just doesn’t sleep. And miss Lillian was one of them.  But that’s ok….because amongst those tricks to get sweet babes to sleep, are also tricks to capture an amazing gallery full of awake images when they don’t sleep. 

This girl was SO full of personality for such a tiny thing. I joked with mom and dad that I was conviced that she was actually laughing at me throughout the session….

see for yourself 😉 





16Come on already with this cuteness!!!




I swear to you, this was her end of session victory pose…So content, yet SO awake and full of life this Saturday morning!!!
She is such a joy! 
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