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newborn boy Tobias | Monroe Michigan newborn photographer

As a mother of five boys, I feel like this mama and I bonded when she requested a newborn session for her 3rd baby boy.  
I worried when moving my studio to Britton, just a few miles outside of Dundee, fearing I would be to far from my Monroe clientele, but it hasn’t seemed to bother many, and it certainly didn’t bother this mama. 
Brothers were so well behaved throughout the entire session. Newborn sessions last a minimal of 2 hours, and I hardly heard a peep out of big brothers!!



Big brothers just looking in awe at their tiny new human.


I always ask newborn parents if there is something they would like to incorporate into their session, as huge Tennessee fans, mam brought this cap in… Perfect!!!


Tobi was a happy boy, and even gave me some smiles throughout his session <3



It was so great to work with the Gibson family. I hope to work with them again in the future!!


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