Seems like it was just a post or so ago when I talked about a mama with her 3rd baby boy, and now today I get to talk about a mama with her 3rd baby girl.

I suppose not everyone is crazy enough to keep trying for a mix like I am…haha! (Boy number six on his way)

 I am one of four girls growing up, so I can only imagine how much fun that household will be over the years. 



These big sisters were so quiet, and shy…but they certainly loved little Corrine.


So. Much. Squish…I can’t handle it!




Mama requested blue in her pre session newborn questionnaire, and I got excited!! While I LOVE me some pink…baby girls in petite little blues are just stunning <3 

26-26I can’t wait to work with these girls again in the future.

For the first time in a little over 3 years of photographing babies, I had to reschedule due to being ill. This put little Lillian at just over the ideal two week newborn age (she was about 2.5 weeks) 

Well, despite all the cool baby whispering tricks I have stored up in the studio, sometimes a newborn just doesn’t sleep. And miss Lillian was one of them.  But that’s ok….because amongst those tricks to get sweet babes to sleep, are also tricks to capture an amazing gallery full of awake images when they don’t sleep. 

This girl was SO full of personality for such a tiny thing. I joked with mom and dad that I was conviced that she was actually laughing at me throughout the session….

see for yourself 😉 





16Come on already with this cuteness!!!




I swear to you, this was her end of session victory pose…So content, yet SO awake and full of life this Saturday morning!!!
She is such a joy! 

Brinley is part of our Grow with Me/Babies first year plan, and it’s been amazing to watch her grow up into this beautiful little smiley girl! 

Brinley is a special girl, a rainbow baby they call it…her mama and daddy worked so hard for so long to have a baby, but it came with great sacrifice and even greater loss. Miss Brinley has 2 brothers up in heaven watching over her… <3

(Here’s a little sneak from her in-home newborn session last year)




Her 6 month session was a hit…LOOK how much she grew!! 



Now she’s 9 months, sitting up, crawling out of the sets…lol! and legit cracking up at me!!!



Do you see? She tries to get away 😉 


That’s ok…I got tricks (well….crates) to contain babies on the move!


Miss Brinleys little cousin is quite the little Diva, and said that Brinely HAD to wear a tutu for her photos….we crowned her official, and made Alivia proud 😉 



Her One year birthday cake smash is coming up soon, and I can’t WAIT for her to dive in!! It’s going to be a “Hoot” for sure!!!

As a mother of five boys, I feel like this mama and I bonded when she requested a newborn session for her 3rd baby boy.  
I worried when moving my studio to Britton, just a few miles outside of Dundee, fearing I would be to far from my Monroe clientele, but it hasn’t seemed to bother many, and it certainly didn’t bother this mama. 
Brothers were so well behaved throughout the entire session. Newborn sessions last a minimal of 2 hours, and I hardly heard a peep out of big brothers!!



Big brothers just looking in awe at their tiny new human.


I always ask newborn parents if there is something they would like to incorporate into their session, as huge Tennessee fans, mam brought this cap in… Perfect!!!


Tobi was a happy boy, and even gave me some smiles throughout his session <3



It was so great to work with the Gibson family. I hope to work with them again in the future!!


I first introduced you to the Wonderfully Made Project the other day over here
I met Sweet Layne when mama brought him all the way from Temperance MI to the Britton studio. I’m usually hesitant to book newborn sessions in the evenings, because babies “generally” like to be more awake in the evening hours. But, because I also work a full time job, sometimes this is unavoidable in order to get the newborns in the studio before they’re 2 weeks old (which is the best time to photograph them) 
Well, let me tell ya…Mr. Layne was nothing short of amazing!! I mean…seriously  after a quick glare and a sweet baby yawn, he was out, and he slept the entire time. Like. A. Champ!!!
The proof is in the images….see for yourself <3



Sweetest yawn ever…is it not?


And….out <3 


These lashes though….. swooon


Thank You Lisa for allowing me to capture your sweet boys newness!!!